Becoming a Franchisee with Bread Zeppelin

Becoming a franchisee in the fast-casual restaurant industry is a profitable opportunity for those looking to invest. The market has seen consistent growth over the past decade, with increasing demand for high-quality and healthy food options. This trend is likely to continue as consumers prioritize convenience and healthy eating habits. The industry also benefits from fast-casual chains, like Bread Zeppelin that have the ability to adapt quickly to changing consumer preferences, by offering customizable menus and distinctive dining experiences.

Bread Zeppelin is known for its unique product offerings and delicious twist on the traditional salad by offering an unmatched dining experience with our customizable salad-in-a-bread concept. To create this masterpiece, we use locally sourced, freshly baked artisan baguettes, toasted to perfection and filled with a flavorful, fresh salad — a concept that proved so successful that we named our business after it! This innovative approach not only sets us apart from traditional sandwich shops and salad bars but also emphasizes our use of high-quality ingredients, which appeals to the health-conscious consumer.

Our memorable and tasty menu items aren’t the only thing that sets us apart. When you invest in a fast-casual franchise with us, you’ll get access to a range of advantages that’ll put you ahead of the competition. Before we dive into how to become a franchisee with Bread Zeppelin, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with being a Bread Zeppelin franchise partner.

The Benefits of Becoming a Franchisee with Bread Zeppelin

Our franchise brand has shown continuous and steady growth since our launch in 2013, with plans to keep expanding our franchise locations across the country, signaling a promising future. Our fast-casual restaurant business model has shown resilience in the face of economic downturns and changing consumer preferences, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

The best part? Our franchise partners don’t have to jump into the market on their own. We’ve got our franchisees covered with comprehensive training and ongoing support to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to operate a successful business. The level of support depends on our franchisee’s location, experience, and business goals and includes marketing and advertising, operational support, business development, and more. 

So, how can you become a franchisee with Bread Zeppelin?

How to Become a Franchisee with Bread Zeppelin

In the same way a building can’t stand on a weak foundation, a franchise can’t operate successfully without a strong team to support it. That’s why we prioritize our franchisees and their employees to help them succeed. How do we do this? 

Not only do we provide the training and support needed to execute each of the important roles you’ll play, but we take special care when selecting the ideal candidate to award a franchise to.

Our Ideal Candidate


Our ideal candidate is an investor who shares the vision and values that have helped shape the Bread Zeppelin brand since day one. They include:

  • Ownership: We’re proud of our business and believe in being accountable for our actions.
  • Respect: Everyone deserves respect, no matter what your role is in our business, including supervisors, staff, and guests.
  • Active Engagement: We strive for excellence by staying actively engaged with our customers and partners to ensure all parties are happy.
  • Teamwork: We cultivate a culture of teamwork, productivity, open communication, cooperation, and problem-solving to deliver the highest standards to our customers.

We also look for franchisee candidates who are as eager as we are to expand our franchise locations across the US by investing in three or more units. A candidate with experience in multi-unit restaurant franchising is especially attractive to us! The most successful franchisees are able to scale and manage entire metro areas or larger locations. But that’s not to say you’ll be doing it alone. You’ll benefit from our complete support, including pre-opening training, marketing resources, product innovation, and much more! 

The Steps You’ll Take to Becoming a Franchisee

Head over to the big “Contact Us” button on the top right corner of our website to fill out a short questionnaire with your basic information so we can schedule a call. A Bread Zeppelin representative will reach out to learn more about you and your interests, explain the qualification process, and go over any questions you may have. 

After this call, we’ll send you our latest Franchise Disclosure Document for your review. This document contains important information you need to know about the business, like what the fees are and how our business model sets us and our franchise partners up for success. You’ll also receive a detailed franchise application to complete for our final vetting process. 

If your application is approved, you’ll fly out to Dallas, TX, to meet our corporate team, tour some of our more successful franchises, and review our standard agreements. If both parties are happy with the way forward, you’ll receive our Development Agreement and first Franchise Agreement to get the real estate process up and running. It’s that simple!

Are you ready to start your Bread Zeppelin journey? Contact us today to join our family of franchise owners.