Join the Family: Learn About Our Franchise Requirements

If you’re looking to invest in a franchise and expand your business portfolio, one of the best places to start is by considering whether you meet the franchise requirements. Most franchises will have a set of requirements they’d ideally like their prospective franchisees to meet, from characteristics they should have to liquid capital they should possess. 

Bread Zeppelin is no exception to this, and we’re here to share all of our requirements to start a salad franchise with us.

Bread Zeppelin’s Franchise Requirements

Bread Zeppelin is looking for franchise candidates interested in investing in three or more franchise units. We are looking for partners with experience in multi-unit restaurant franchising. Bread Zeppelin franchise partners are capable of scaling and managing entire metro areas and larger geographies. Our strategy prioritizes the quality of our partners and provides them with opportunities to scale their businesses.

Our Culture and Values

We believe that by prioritizing our franchise partners and helping them succeed, they will, in turn, continue to dedicate themselves to our guests. Your success in the fast-casual food industry is our success. That’s why our values begin with ownership.

  • Ownership: Having a sense of ownership as a franchise partner is important because it gives you the motivation to succeed. It allows you to take pride in your business and encourages you to put in the extra effort needed to make it successful. Our most successful franchisees have a sense of pride and ownership in their businesses, which leads them to be accountable for our actions. 
  • Respect: Respect is essential because it increases customer loyalty and helps to create an environment that encourages collaboration, communication, trust, and, ultimately, productivity. Our franchise partners show respect for their peers, their supervisors, the industry, and their guests. 
  • Active engagement: Being an engaged and active franchise owner is incredibly important because it allows the business to stay ahead of the competition while also strengthening relationships with customers. By being actively engaged, franchise partners can more effectively manage their business operations and keep up with changing trends in the market. Each of our partners is actively engaged with their peers and customers to strive for excellence in everything they do.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork is a vital component of being successful as a franchise partner, as it allows multiple people to work together and collaborate towards a common goal. The benefits that come with fostering strong team dynamics are undeniable. Working with a team encourages creativity, increases productivity, and helps eliminate silos in the organization. At Bread Zeppelin, we cultivate a culture of productive communication, cooperation, and problem-solving to deliver high standards against a common goal of being the best at what we do.

Bread Zeppelin’s Financial Requirements

When it comes to investing in a franchise, having liquid capital is essential for a successful venture. Liquid capital means having available funds that can be quickly and easily used when needed. This is important not only for the initial investment required when buying into a franchise but also for ongoing business expenses such as rent, wages, inventory, and other operating costs.

Having liquid capital also allows you to respond quickly to unexpected expenses or changes in the financial landscape. Franchises require flexibility in order to stay competitive and to make sure your franchise remains profitable. Having access to cash means being able to take advantage of new opportunities or address problems without delay. 

In addition, franchises often require additional investments after the initial purchase price. Franchise partners may need to upgrade their facilities, hire additional employees, or invest in marketing campaigns in order to remain competitive or gain market share. Without access to liquid capital, these investments may not be possible or could put too much strain on an already tight budget. 

At Bread Zeppelin, we have a liquid capital requirement of $300,000 per unit invested. 

This liquid capital helps ensure that you have the resources needed now and into the future so that you can maximize profitability and position yourself for long-term success as a franchise partner.

Are you interested in joining the Bread Zeppelin family of franchise partners? Contact us today for more information.